Daniel Chapel AfricanMethodist Episcopal Zion Church

Rev. George Stewart

Retired, but actively serving in the pulpit, reading Scripture, praying and preaching.  As well, he can be found teaching Bible Study & mentoring teachers.

Rev. Melville King Jr.

Retired from the workforce, but serving the Lord in the pulpit and in the nursing homes, hospitals, and at the homes of the sick and shut in.

Rev. Quinton Scurlock

Corporate America is his daily task, performing accounting functions.  At Daniel Chapel, his ministry excels as Minister of Music.


15250 3rd Avenue - Phoenix, IL 60426

OFFICE: 708-339-1990    

FAX: 708-418-2089


Sis. Debra Simmons, Exhorter

Providing encouragement with a Word from the Lord, as she furthers her career by completing classes to teach high school students with disabilities.

Rev. Sharon Mixon

Sunday School teacher, choir member, Bible Study teacher, preacher, class leader - and the list goes on.  

Rev. Rodney Willis

A model father, raising sons to be men - and serving the Lord reading scripture, lining hymns, praying and preaching.

Ministry Team

Bro. Vernis 'Tony' Mims

An over the road truck driver by way of career, and an 'on the Lord's side driver' by way of ministry.  Evangelizing to those he meets on a daily basis is his answer to the Lord's call.

Rev. Christine Gutridge

Retired, but actively teaching Bible Study, being the Leader of Leaders, evangelizing and ministering to the needs of others on a daily basis.

Rev. Edna Lawrence

Busy working on a daily basis in the public sector, and serving the Lord in the midst.  As the Ministry Team leader, she assigns pulpit duties on a weekly basis.